Sunday, May 4, 2014

Real Food Art Vendors

While working at the Master Gardener's Incredible Edible Plant Sale, I met a couple of interesting vendors that I thought might be of interest to some of you, my gentle readers.

Victory Garden of Tomorrow 

They can be found at and have some very cool retro style posters, T-shirts, patches and other goods. The themes promote growing food, urban chickens, and farmer's markets, with a subtext of "let's all chip in and do our part".

a little sun

At ALITTLESUN.COM you will find cards and prints of fanciful slightly anthropomorphized fruits and vegetables, as well as the odd couple of cephalopods.


And with all of this images of food floating about it was nice to have some actual food vendors there. I had a lovely lunch of Thai bowl of fresh veggies with some grilled free range organic chicken added at the Thrive food cart. Evidently they can be found at some local Farmer's Markets and their tasty sauces are available at New Seasons. Menu, locations etc. at and they have a frequent diner card.