Sunday, October 1, 2017

New Pantry System

Last month I started a new pantry system. Sharon got me twelve plastic banker boxes and labeled them, one for each month. When I find a good deal on something at the store I buy twelve and when I get home I parcel them out, one in each box.

Then at the beginning of each month, I pull out that box and I have a nice variety of items to stock the "near pantry" with to be used that month. I can also take note of which items from the previous box didn't get used. For September, I had one can of pineapple chunks and a bottle of BBQ sauce (though the one in the fridge is getting low). So dinner tonight might well be BBQ string beans with bacon, pineapple, and almonds. I just finished the container of steel cut oats this morning, in the nick of time.
Here are the contents of the October box. Three cans of soup/stew, canned fruit, a can of tuna (I like tuna, but not all the time), some nuts (for us and Mia the parrot), dried fruit, and look at that another container of steel cut oats, just in time.

December 2019 box: