Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Noom: The Stall

Stalls and Plateaus in weight loss are common. 

A plateau is a stall in weight loss that lasts for three weeks or longer. 
Keep focusing on the things in your control.
Celebrate Non-Scale Victories. 

I think of it as the body gearing up for another round of fat burning. 

I remember a stall around the 100 day mark. Upon reflection, it was actually a good transition time. I started to learn to rely less on measurement and more on my intuition. This takes time and is error prone but worth it. 

When you hit those big milestones give your body a chance to consolidate the victory.

At the moment, I’m on my sixth week-long stall since starting Noom in April.

But I try to focus on the big picture

All that said, feel what you feel.
Feeling irritated, frustrated, discouraged, disappointed, sad, even angry are all valid. 

The feelings you are having are real and valid.
You are doing something hard.
Hard things are hard. 
Underneath that discouragement is hope, hope for a healthier you. 
Underneath that hope is love. Love for those you care about, your life, and yourself. 

Each day is its own adventure.
Dig deep, you got this!

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