Sunday, September 8, 2019

Noom: Elephant Dialogues--RUN or RAMPAGE


🐘: RUN!? or RAMPAGE?! 😫
🏇: One second. ... Deep Breath.
🕵️‍♂️: Nope, we're all ok.
🏇: Easy there elephant. We're fine. We'll get through this just breathe.
🐘: Don't run? Don't fight? 😟
🏇: No. we are fine. Let's just do the next thing.
🐘: Is the next thing curl up in a ball? Or EAT.ALL.THE.THINGS? 😋
🏇: Let's just scrub the next veggie. 


Noom has helped me deal with my anxiety when it flares up. 
 Noom has helped me deal with my depression when it flares up. 
 But some days, when they both flare up, are quite a challenge. 
I lean hard into the system. I've noticed several times when I was at the cusp of a panic attack I was able to find the mindfulness to take a deep breath and check in with my observer to see if I was in any actual danger.
That helped. 

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