Sunday, August 26, 2012

Black Sauce Experiments

We made some Black Sauce in a medieval food class I took this weekend. I used it up last night.

So I made some more this evening to have with some meat and cheese. This batch I made with almond meal, red wine vinegar, my pepper spice blend, ginger, and galangal.

I want to do some experiments to determine My Favorite Black Sauce mix
  • bread crumbs | almond meal | hazlenut meal
    • Toasted | untoasted
  • round pepper | long pepper | tail pepper | grains of paradise | a blend
  • red wine vinegar | white wine vinegar | cider vinegar | balsamic | verjus
  • ginger | galangal | both
  • whole thing cooked | fresh 
I don't think I will try all 900 combinations. 
I suppose I'll do two passes of varying individual variables and just keep my best choices to date. 
I still need to decide which order to test the variables. 

Update (7/21/2013):

I tried making black sauce at a recent camping event using gluten free bread crumbs and did not like the result. Eulalia speculated that in the process of toasting the GF bread crumbs the xanthan gum  became bitter. 

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